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Alabama State University, located in Montgomery, Ala., is a widely respected, world-class institution of higher learning which welcomes students of all races. ASU offers nearly 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, from the historic teacher education program to new, high-demand programs, such as the Ph.D. in microbiology and international business. The students who attend ASU are as diverse as its academic offerings, with students from more than 40 states and various countries seeking a top-notch education that extends far beyond the walls of a classroom.

ASU’s 150-year history is a legacy of perseverance, progress and promise. The University is proud of its legacy, and it welcomes students to dream, to share their unique gifts and talents, and to take pride in knowing they are part of a rich tradition.


The ASU movement began with the impetus to establish a school for Black Alabamians. The Civil War resulted in not only the end of slavery, but also in the opportunity for Blacks to have the right to education. ASU was born out of this movement.

ASU is the global entity it is today because of the fortitude of nine freed slaves from Marion, Ala., who sought to build a school for African-Americans previously denied the right to an education. These nine co-founders and original trustees, with assistance from Marion community members, raised $500 for land, and on July 18, 1867, filed incorporation papers to establish the Lincoln Normal School at Marion.

The Lincoln School opened its doors on November 13, 1867, with 113 students. In 1873, this predecessor of Alabama State University became the nation’s first state-sponsored liberal arts institution for the higher education of Blacks, beginning ASU’s rich history as a “Teacher’s College”, and establishing ASU as one of the nation's oldest institutions of higher education for Black Americans.


Alabama State University is a comprehensive diverse student- centered public HBCU committed to global excellence in teaching, research and service.

The University fulfills its mission by:
  • Fostering critical thought
  • Encouraging artistic creativity
  • Developing professional competence
  • Promoting responsible citizenship in its students
  • Adding to the academic and experiential bodies of knowledge
  • Enhancing the quality of life through research and discovery
  • Cultivating global citizenship through thoughtful (meaningful, purposeful conscientious, intentional) and engaging public service.
ASU offers baccalaureate through doctorate degrees in an expansive array of academic programs. We maintain a scholarly and creative faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and an atmosphere in which members of the university community live, work and learn in pleasant surroundings. ASU offers a bridge to success for those who commit to pursing quintessential educational opportunities and lifelong endeavors.